For the business client, we believe our firm can offer a service as professional but more personal than City or West End firms — and at a fraction of the cost.

Our Company and Commercial department deals with everything to do with businesses — obviously an extremely wide, varied and complex subject.

To better improve our expertise, the department is loosely divided into separate (but overlapping) units.


The Corporate Unit deals with the business itself, including its formation, organisation, terms of trading and intangible assets such as intellectual property and trade marks.


The Corporate Unit is based at Woodford Green under the direction of Nigel Smith and Paul Human.


The Commercial Property Department deals with Commercial Property, whether it be the premises from which the company trades, or the raison d'être of the business as in the case of a property development company.


The unit is spread between our Woodford Green and Walthamstow branches under the direction of Paul Human and Bernard Klingher. For commercial disputes, whether involving property, contracts, patents or any other legal problems, our Commercial Litigation Unit (based at Woodford Green under the leadership of Nigel Smith) will be pleased to offer advice and assistance.

We can also offer advice on Debt Recovery.